EMS now trades with over 1000 schools in the UK. Bursars, Department Heads and Head teachers keep coming back to receive the same dedicated service. We are the single largest provider of domestic appliances to food technology departments in the UK and we are continuing to grow.

Our experience gives us the insight into the type of products that suit a 30 cooker food technology room down to single appliances for primary schools. Electric or Gas, Double or Single Ovens, Lidded or Unlidded Hobs, Timers or No Timers. The choices are often endless. Let us help with your decision by giving you the benefit and experience of the 10,000 cookers we currently have in classrooms across the UK.

We understand the importance of wanting to deal with the right people, so it is OUR staff that will liaise with you, OUR drivers who will deliver and OUR engineers who will install and test the appliances. You can decide to rent or buy and you can decide for how long and with how much warranty your products will come. All rental agreements are financed by EMS and so there are no 3rd party finance houses involved. Choice, Flexibility, Financially Sensible and all with EMS, who know how important these decisions can be. We recommend Cookers for Schools and we have shown these in this section.

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